13. Version History

0.01 (2008-03-02):

Initial Version

0.02 (2008-03-06):

Added basic MIDI support (...MidiInstrument and \setCreateMIDI)

0.03 (2008-03-??):

-) Add *TimeSignature variable, split settings for full/vocal/instrumental scores -) [Piece][Instrument]TransposeTo, if set, now specifies the pitch where c’ should be shown in the applicable voices. -) interpreting markup using header fields -) Automatically add score title to TOC -) \createHeadline to create a headline and add it to the TOC -) Adapted cresc spanners to new syntax -) Nice title page (full page) and nicer title header (for instrumental scores) -) Default clefs and Instrument names for lots of common abbreviations -) Default cue names fo lots of instruments, function to show cue name -) Default score numbers for each instrument -) one can also specify voice types -) parallel voices in one staff work, -) Group types are given as strings -) Adding handlers for new group/staff or voice types supported -) Support for Drum staves/voices and figured bass

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