2. Motivation

Orchestral scores might have a quite complicated structure, which is cumbersome to construct manually, in particular since each movement will have the same structure. The OrchestralLily package for Lilypond aids you by adding some more magic to lilypond’s already existing magic: You only define the structure of the whole piece once, you define the music that each instrument plays in each movement, and lilypond will do the rest. In particular, OrchestralLily will

This way, generating full scores, scores for individual instruments and for instrument groups are really simple and no additional manual work!

As you can imagine, if you have lots of parts and lots of instruments, the number of similar staves/scores simply multiply (e.g. for 12 parts with 23 instruments, you’ll have 12*23=276 individual staves, not counting any staff groups!). If you also want to include cue notes into the instrumental scores, you’ll define a separate staff or score for the full score, where you call killCues. Thus the number will automatically double!

As they all look really similar, why not automate their creation instead of manually writing them? That is exactly where OrchestralLily comes in.

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